Inspired by the social experience of the artisan's workshop and folk schools around the world, we believe that learning a new craft is best done in a beautiful space with good people. Each of our workshop experiences is designed to allow you to get to know our instructors and their skills, to ask questions, explore new materials, and to have fun. No experience necessary. Just bring yourself, maybe a friend or two, and your curiosity. We'll take care of the rest.


We believe in the power of creative play and building self sufficiency through heritage craft traditions like woodworking and fiber arts. All of our program offerings are based on the notion that kids are smart and capable of some pretty tough work. Pair great materials and instruction with creativity and the freedom to make mistakes, and you've got a place where kids thrive on making and doing. When kids explore materials, ideas, and techniques in a safe place, they can both succeed and fail with the confidence of knowing that it's all part of the process. We've taken what we know from more than a dozen years working with kids and created programming that speaks to the craftsperson in all of us.

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We are super pumped to be part of Yelp's top ten DIY spaces in the country. Book a workshop and come find out more about our super fun and engaging workshops for adults and kids.


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