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  • You don't have to be great. You don't even have to be good.

    1 comment | Posted | by C & a Staff

    You don't have to be great. You don't even have to be good. Making together makes us better makers. Failing in front of others is not so easy to do but that too, might just make you a better person.

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  • Expansion Complete!!!!

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    Woah. You know when you get an idea and think it'll only take a month or so? Well, a year from this concept's conception, we are here. We've moved form our original 650 sq. ft. storefront to two light and bright adjoining spaces with 1500 + sq. ft. We completed the workshop build out last spring and since then, hundreds of kids and adults have joined us for workshops, classes,...

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  • Summer is coming. Expect boredom.

    0 comments | Posted | by Delanie Holton

    Our kids used to have it all. A mom who was a teacher meant that summers were all about the kids. My oldest remembers spending every day at the pool; hiking, camping, and all day adventures. Well, now this momma and poppa team have to work in the summer. Sure we work for ourselves, but there is still work to be done and not everyday can be spent poolside. You...

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  • New shop. New website. Spring is here.

    0 comments | Posted | by Delanie Holton

    Spring is in full effect around here and we couldn't be more excited for this season of growth and renewal. Thanks to all our supporters on Kickstarter and our great clients and families, we’ve been working in our new shop space for  about a month. The space is light, bright, and feels so right. We are full of gratitude to all of the...

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