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Woah. You know when you get an idea and think it'll only take a month or so? Well, a year from this concept's conception, we are here. We've moved form our original 650 sq. ft. storefront to two light and bright adjoining spaces with 1500 + sq. ft. We completed the workshop build out last spring and since then, hundreds of kids and adults have joined us for workshops, classes, and private parties. Phase two, our retail storefront is now complete. We removed carpet, tile and created a doorway to the workshop. We are excited to have a dust free space to showcase our favorite makers including Veak Ceramics, C&a goods, and our growing collection of vintage treasures. Next up? We will now be open Thursday-Saturday 10-6pm with additional hours as we approach the holiday season. Come visit. Find something lovely, book your next workshop or even or just come hang out. 



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