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It's cool and cozy and the holiday insanity hasn't quiet started yet. This past weekend, I had a long awaited day off. We cleaned, we cooked, we rested. It was a much needed family day. Starting today, I'll be posting a little shop wisdom and a weekly calendar update here on our blog. 

I've been taking a business class the past six weeks and I've learned so much. I've also learned that I may just have a few different ideas about what owning a business means. Our mission is to create community through craft. We want people to feel supported and self sufficient all at the same time. Working in the same neighborhood that I've lived in for 17 years matters to me. The bottom line matters so that I can employ craftspeople and educators doing the work they were meant to do. The financial gain doesn't have to be huge, I don't need to be hungry for a million dollars. I need to take care of my family and do work that my children are proud of. Our little shop isn't going to be on the cover of Forbes and we're not going to franchise. We have magic in these walls. We are cooking on a few new business plans but at the end of it all, we just want people to feel good and be good to themselves and maybe make a thing or two. Thank you for being a part of our community. 

That being said...get in here! We have tons of great programming coming up this month to get your creative juices flowing. Send the kids in here to make their own Halloween costumes, bring your friends to make your own pair of sneaks with SneakerKit or treat yourself to an all day Cozy Crochet Throw workshop with the incredible, Anne Weil. 

October 2nd-8th






  • Shop 10-5pm
  • Private Parties 10-noon + 2-4pm



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