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This last Friday we hosted our Friday Night Craft Social. About 20 women signed up and many were there to celebrate a friend's birthday. Whenever we host social workshops, we hear from those folks that say they aren't crafty, they try a little and sometimes even give up before they've finished. I wanted to push, to say we can all do this. Then I realized that there are multiple domains in which I tell myself a similar story. If you asked me to go snow barding, play a team sport, or go to a group fitness class, I would feel sick with anxiety. The glasses wearing, red faced kid in me wants nothing to do with it. We all have stories about what we're capable of, what kind of person we are, and that's fine. We have identity and that's a good thing. We tell children to have a growth mindset, to try new things. As adults, we should too.

Yesterday I took my kids to the skate park. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, watching them learn a new skill, I jumped in. I was nervous that I would make a fool of myself but parenting by example won out and guess what? It was fun. I tried something new, I failed, I tried again, I got the hang of it. I don't need to be a professional skateboarder now. I just needed to try.

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