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Since the end of the summer, I've been working behind the scenes on three big box projects. Now, I never liked to be put in a box, unless it was a refrigerator box I could make into a fortress for reading and napping. But a shoe box, a tool box, these are boxes with unlimited potential. The Craftsman & Apprentice has always been an evolving project. One that was born out of our love for teaching, learning, and craft. Now, it's more than three years since we opened without any sort of real plan other than the idea that having a little shop would be awesome (and our house was too small for a studio). Our workshop was and is our first tool box. The container into which we pour our heart and soul and out of which we've grown a truly wonderful community. Now we're developing a few more boxes to fill. 

Before you go on to read about our projects and upcoming events, I want to pause and say a whole hearted, "thank you" to all of our teachers, staff, clients and customers. Without the supportive C&a community, we'd still just be writing ideas in a moleskin and saying, "you know what would be awesome?!" Now, we get to bring awesome ideas to life with lovey humans on a daily basis. That's a good thing. 


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Our brick and mortar retail store will now be known informally as The Shoe Box Shop. Why? When we were kids shoe boxes were the go to container for our best creative work, the shoe box diorama. We stored our most beloved treasures and creations in shoe boxes. A shoe box has unlimited potential. New stock is arriving daily, just in time for the Holidays. DIY kits, books, toys, and home goods for the maker in all of us.

HOURS: 10-5 Tuesdays-Saturdays. (Opening at 2pm this Wednesday). 


On Shop Small Saturday, we will be launching a new product line, Shoe Box Crafts. Each Shoe Box Crafts Kit will include high quality materials, easy to understand instructions, and a video tutorial link. Use your shoe box to store your extra supplies and tools or turn it into a sweet diorama. We'll be launching with two kits, one for folks ages 12+ and one for kids ages 4+.  More info coming soon! 


You might not know it, but we work with schools on a regular basis. We design and build classrooms, host field trips, in-school workshops, trainings, and after school programing. After working as our Summer Program Director, Anna Loring is now spearheading our work in school communities and we couldn't be more excited. 

Anna and I had an epic work session last week. The kind you leave both totally pumped and totally exhausted. In that work, we rediscovered a document I had written a few years back. It outlined the working philosophy of the workshop. So often, I struggle to clearly articulate why creating in a workshop is so important to both process and innovation. But I had it all along. Anna and I refined the message and here it is. Welcome to The Shop Model. This is how we work and what we believe about teaching and learning. The Shop Model is for makers big and small. 

Scroll down for all our shop happenings. 


  • Shop Closed
  • FREE Monster Stuffie Workshop at Green Valley Ranch Library. 4-5:30pm




  • Owner, Delanie Holton-Fessler will be speaking at the Colorado Art Education Conference on Workspace Function and Aesthetics.
  • Note: Our retail store will open at 2pm (Thursday only)
  • Open Studio 3-5:30pm
  • Woven Necklaces w/ Sarah Neubert. 6:30-9pm



  • Shop 10-5
  • Private parties and workshops


  • Shop Closed
  • Private Parties and workshops


Workshop WednesdaysFriday Night Craft Socials in November are all designed for DIY gift giving

Here's how it works: Register ahead of time in the shop or on our website. Each workshop, you'll receive materials, instruction, and support. Want to make more? Just pay an additional materials fee after the workshop. All workshops are BYOB for those 21+. Attendees must be at least 16 years old. 


  • $27 per person
  • Bring a friend. Two for $50
  • Want to bring your whole crew? $25/project up to 20 guests. Reach out to book a private workshop or register more than two people at a time. 303.718.3012. 



This fun and easy DIY project makes a perfect gift. Roll, shape, and embellish your bowls. Each participant will create two ring bowls to take home. Want to make extra projects to give as gifts? Just pay an additional $7/project materials fee after the workshop. 



We'll share our tried and true tips for pouring and scenting your own 100% soy wax candles. Each participant will create two 4oz wooden wick candles. Want to make extra candles to give as gifts? Just pay an additional $7/candle materials fee after the workshop. 



Using an all natural goat's milk soap base, we'll teach you how to melt, scent and pour your own soaps. Each participant will create 1lb of soap or enough for about four bars. Want to make more to give as gifts? Just pay an additional $15/lb materials fee. 



DIY body care products make great gifts! We'll provide containers, all natural ingredients and scents to help you create two scrubs and two bath salts. Create decorative labels and package your goodies all at this workshop. Want to make more to give as gifts? Just pay an additional $4/per container. 

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