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  • How to be the support system for your kid's creative work

    0 comments | Posted | by Anh Phan

    I've seen it time and time again, I've even done it myself. Our kiddo is happily constructing, painting, or drawing and we just have to jump in a make a suggestion or add a little something-something. It's hard not to see our kid's creative work from the adult perspective. The adult perspective usually meaning the "quality" of the finished product. For most kids, especially those ages 2-10,...

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  • Put a Bird on It: Five ways for your kids to connect with the bird world

    0 comments | Posted | by Delanie Holton

    Birds are amazing little creatures. No matter where you live, chances are there's a bird hanging out close by. We often go about our lives without taking notice of all their activity. This is true for so much of the natural world. Take a look outside. How many plants and animals can you identify by name? 

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  • Creative Challenges

    3 comments | Posted | by Delanie Holton

    What I do know is that kids process their emotions through creative work-play. With a big scary thing out there and all this time on our hands, I believe that it is imperative for our kids to have as much time in their day as possible to create and play.

    Below are five creative challenge prompts to help get you and your kiddos get started. 

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  • Kids in the time of Quarantine. A note from C&a + Sit-Spots

    0 comments | Posted | by Delanie Holton

    Parents, you are doing a great job! Sit and enjoy. 

    A sit-spot is a special place where one can go to time and time again for quiet reflection and observation.

    Begin with five minutes. Ask your child to sit in their spot and observe quietly. They can listen, touch, smell for new smells, and feel the air on their skin.

    Add a minute or two each...

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  • Shop Small Saturday!

    4 comments | Posted | by Delanie Holton

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