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We believe that people were meant to make together. From the craftsman's workshop to traditional folk schools, we're here to teach and learn from each other. Our social craft workshops are designed to build skill and community while you have fun making and doing in a low pressure space. No experience necessary. Our space and workshops are perfect for celebrations of all kinds, birthdays, showers, staff events, family gatherings, friends night out, or a date night with other couples. 

Here's how it works:

  • Choose from one of our two-hour in-house workshops or schedule a workshop with one of our talented guest teachers. We only work with the most talented teachers and makers in Colorado. Treat yourself and your crew to time to make and learn. 
  • In-house workshop rates: $275 for up to 8 + $30/additional guests up to 20. 
  • Guest teacher rates vary. See below for pricing. 
  • Perk: We're happy to put together a custom invite for your event.
  • You bring your people and whatever food + drink you like.
  • Please call or email to schedule. 303.718.3012.
  • Once we've scheduled via email or phone, we'll send you a payment link for your event. Minimum workshop price due upon booking. You can pay for additional guests at the time of your event. 
  • Have an idea or project in mind that you don't see below? Chances are we know the perfect craftsperson to teach you. Let's talk. 
  • Have questions, special requests? Reach out and we'll help. 
  • Let us bring the party to you at no additional charge (within 20 miles of the shop). All projects are available for offsite events unless noted with an *.
  • Scroll down to see all of our workshops. 

    In-House Workshop Offerings


    Raw Wool Tassels: Learn about the history of the ages-old world craft tradition while you create large and small tassels to adorn your walls, bags, and home. 

    Mini-Weaving, Wall Hangings: Learn to weave without the time commitment of taking on a large loom project. Using our 5x7 looms, we'll learn a few weaving techniques and you'll come away with a woven wall hanging to be proud of. 

    Yarn Wall Hangings: Forget macrame. This simple technique packs a big bang. Create a beautiful yarn wall hanging in just a few hours. If we're feeling ambitious, we can create tassels and pom poms to add to the hangings. 

    Embroidery 101: This is a two hour crash course in the basics of hand embroidery. We'll create a fun sampler that will give you all the skills to embark on your own free hand embroidery journey!


    Block Printing: Based on our new Shoe Box Craft Kit, learn to carve soft-cut linoleum to create a print or stamp. 

    Copper Tooling: Using thick copper foil, we'll design, trace, and emboss a copper relief. We'll apply a faux patina to each finished piece then attach our work to a piece of reclaimed wood. Holiday Option: Copper Ornaments!

    Arrow Making: Archery dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Since then, it has been a part of almost all cultures. We'll learn the basics of arrow making while creating two decorative arrows complete with arrow heads and real feather flocking. 

    Polymer Clay Bowls and Ornaments: Using oven bake clay, we'll roll stamp and embellish to make clay bowls and ornaments. Class Limit: 12

    Candle Making: Using 100% soy candle wax, we'll learn all about how to melt, scent, and pour your own candles. Each maker will create 2-4oz candle tins with wooden wicks. Class limit: 12.


    Wooden Boxes or Trays: Cut and assemble a rustic wood tray or box using cedar planks. Sand, stain and finish to your liking. Plants included upon request. 

    *Reclaimed Wood Candle Holders: We have tons of scrap wood and tree limbs. Cut, drill and finish your own holders then we'll blend a few scents, melt, and pour 100% soy wax into your holders. 

    Wood Flower Press: Create an 8x10 flower press to preserve all of those specimens. We'll also talk about proper harvesting and preservation techniques. 

    *Sling Shots and Felt Ammo: Dennis the Menace has nothing on the adults that come to make sling shots. Design, cut, and finish your own wrist rocket. We'll then spend some time making felted wool balls to use as ammo. This is a great corporate event or a date night!

    Workshops for grown ups 16+



    Taught by the best local craft experts
    6 person minimum for all guest teacher classes.
    All expert classes include light snacks. 

    Pie Crust 101 w/ The Long i Pie

    $300 up to 6 +  $50/person

      Sashiko Denim Mending w/ Delanie Holton-Fessler

      $300 up to 6 + $50/person

      Modern Knot Tying w/ Delanie Holton-Fessler

      $300 up to 6 + $50/person

      Coiled Basket Weaving w/ Delanie Holton-Fessler

      $300 up to 6 + $50/person) 2.5 hours

      Spoon Carving w/ Delanie Holton-Fessler

      $390 up to 6 + $65/person 3 hours

      Bookbinding w/ Anna Loring 

      $300 up to 6 + $50/person 2.5 hours

      Modern Paper Quilling w/ Bethany O'Halloran

      $275 up to 6 + $45/person 2 hours

      Macrame Wall Hangings W/ Amie Phillips

      $450 up to 6 + $75/person 3 hours

      Macrame Plant Hangers w/ Amie Phillips

      $390 up to 6 + $65/person 2.5 hours

      Watercolor 101 w/ Kelley Schei

      $275 up to 6 + $40/person 2 hours

      Weaving as Meditation w/ Sarah Neubert

      $450 up to 6 + $75/person 3 hours

      Woven Necklaces w/ Sarah Neubert

      $390 up to 6 + $65/person 2.5 hours

      Cozy Crochet Throws w/ Anne Weil

      $480 up to 6 + $80/person (4 hours) + material costs

      Tassel and Brass Jewelry Making w/ Serena Snachez

      $390up to 6 + $65/person 2.5 hours

      Latin American Inspired Embroidery w/ Serena Sanchez

      $390up to 6 + $65/person 2.5 hours

      Leather Key Chains or Amulets w/ Winter Session

      $300 up to six. $50/person 2 hours

      Space only rental

      $75/hour with a three hour minimum 

      • One staff member will stay on site to help with anything you may need as well as clean up. 
      • A $125 non-refundable deposit maybe made online. 

      P.S. Our shop is stocked with all the bells and whistles of a topnotch event and meet up space: glassware, silverware, plates, and more. We have wi-fi, a projector, and kitchenette.


      Read our FAQs and shop policies here.


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