The Craftsman & Apprentice



We are committed to utilizing C&a to maximize our positive impact on our community. We host community events in our shop, provide hands-on maker experiences in organizations across Denver, and strive to make at least 20% of our programming accessible at free or reduced cost. 

Everyone should get to make and play!

Here's how we engage our community

Community Time at C&a

Making things is great. Making things for a purpose is even better! Join us for our new monthly community event. Each month we will host a free workshop where you can make something cool, connect with your community and give back. We'll ask for donations (physical or financial) that will benefit some of our community partners doing great things for people in our neighborhoods and all over the world. Our community events are all ages!


Camp Partnerships

We love to collaborate and we'll make it easy to provide hands-on maker experiences for your community. From whole day camps to one-hour workshops, let's make it happen. 




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