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Educator Support & Development

Let's work together to refine your practice, build your team, and experience the collaborative culture of The Shop Model. We offer hour long to multi-day hands-on and seminar style professional development experiences and coaching. Our place or yours.  

The Shop Model in a box

In the spirit of learning by doing, we’ll take your group through a maker experience of their own. In this two-hour workshop, educators and stake-holders will experience The Shop Model by building their own wooden book boxes. Making a wooden box seems simple enough but in this one act of creation, participants will experience The Shop Model first hand. We’ll break down all the learning opportunities within this one model workshop experience.

How do I make with kids?

The logistics of planning maker experiences can be daunting. We'll share our time tested strategies and structures to effectively plan and facilitate maker experiences that align with your content. Learn how to create experiences that result in student proficient and deep content knowledge demonstrated in real time. 

Transform your classroom into a workshop using The Shop Model

In this workshop, we'll focus our attention on creating a workshop environment in the classroom. From aesthetics, to flow, to material storage, access, and management, we'll help your team to create beautiful classrooms that function like a workshop. Want more info on how we can help create workspaces in your school? Check out our design and build services.

Let's work together

We work with schools and educators to find the best ways to support your work and goals. Let's talk. We're here to help.


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