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The Craftsman & Apprentice is dedicated to being an inclusive environment. We love and respect people regardless of ability, socioeconomic status, religion, gender identity, race, ethnicity, immigration status or language and are committed to creating and fostering a learning environment that is accessible, diverse and respectful. We believe that making things in community is good for people and that all people deserve access to high quality creative and practical craft experiences. 

It is our goal to make at least 20% of our programming accessible to traditionally marginalized communities. 

How we meet this goal

+ We offer programs in partnership with schools and organizations that serve traditionally under-served groups including people of color, those experiencing poverty, people living with disabilities, and LGBTQ community members. 
+ We provide programs at free or reduced cost to individual families, participants, schools, and non-profit groups. 
+ We partner with a foundation that generously supports partnership scholarships and program funding to schools and organizations with a functioning 501c3. This foundation partnership allows us to cover our instructor and material costs while reducing or removing the costs of programming to the participants. 
+ We communicate closely with our clients and their caregivers to develop curriculum and work spaces that meet the diverse needs of our program participants. 

How you can help

+ Give to our scholarship fund or sponsor a class for a kid. Although not tax deductible, you’ll get all the warm fuzzies knowing you’ve made a difference!

+ Become a sponsor as a business, family or individual! You can donate materials, supplies, or sponsor at any level. We’ll make sure folks know all about your good deeds!

One class $19
One month of hot glue $50
One month of wood scraps $100
One school break camp $85
One afterschool program $225
One week of summer camp $425
Camp Tshirt for a scholarship kiddo $10
Camp Tshirts for all of our scholarship kids (50/summer) $500
Craft supplies for one camper for one week $50
Craft supplies for all scholarship kids (50/summer) $2500
Ready to contribute? Contact us and let us know how you'd like to help. We'll take it from there!

Need a scholarship or donation for your school's fundraiser? Fill out our contact form or give us a call!


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