The Craftsman & Apprentice


Make + Do

Maker programs for kids 2-16

We believe in the power of creative play and helping to build self sufficiency through heritage craft traditions like woodworking and fiber arts. All of our program offerings are based on the notion that kids are smart and capable of some pretty tough work. Pair great materials and instruction with creativity and the freedom to make mistakes, and you've got a place where kids thrive on making and doing. We've taken what we know from more than a dozen years working with kids and created programming that speaks to the craftsperson in all of us.
New for the 2018-2019 year!
A fresh, new and super simple registration system just for kids and caregivers!
  • Six week after school series workshops! 
  • More drop-ins than ever before!
  • Full school break calendar and registration packs!
  • Just scroll down on a tab below to search classes, packs, memberships and more. Keep track of all of your classes, kids in one easy spot. 

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