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At The Craftsman & Apprentice, we create community through handcraft education and experiential learning. We believe that learning happens best with good people in beautiful spaces and inclusive environments. We focus our work in five domains; fiber arts, woodworking, heritage crafts, creative build/play, and community engagement.

Fiber Arts

The world of fiber arts encompasses a wide range of skills, products, materials, and processes. Handwork is a fiber arts work that doesn’t require a sewing machine, although they are awful fun! We teach many traditional and modern fibers handcrafts like weaving, macrame, knot tying, hand sewing, felting, cordage, textile dyes and print techniques, basketry, mending, and more. Fiber arts connect us to our past by allowing us to slow down and be in the process.


We do two things at the shop, we build real skills and creative practices. Woodworking often falls squarely in the real skills category. Woodworking can be all about following plans, precision, safety, and process. There is an end goal in mind, often a practical one. There is a purpose to the project and structure to the process. However, woodworking with children can be a creative practice as well. Creativity requires process after all. Sometimes, in order to break the rules, we must know the rules. When we develop a depth of knowledge, we can then draw upon that knowledge base to experiment, break rules and innovate. Woodworking allows us to be problem solvers, to follow a plan, as well as to learn to use tools safely to get the desired result. Not to mention it’s just plain fun to get messy, use a tool and make something real. 

Heritage Skills

Heritage skills are crafts and practices that connect us to our human history. These activities encourage us to slow down and understand the technologies that brought us to our current day all while encouraging children to develop self-sufficiency. Work like fire making, shelter building, foraging, and learning about how humans have interacted with the natural world for millennia helps ground us to our collective humanity. 

Creative Build + Play

This is a big one around here! Creative play is all about using materials that are readily available to build and construct creative playthings. That’s anything from a DIY grocery store to your own toys and playthings. For adults, creative play can look like making a new set of earrings or diving into a new craft trend just for the fun of it. Creative build play is all about being in the moment, problem-solving and being in the process. 

Community Engagement

Making things is great. Making things with purpose is even better. We are committed to utilizing C&a to maximize our positive impact on our community. We host community events, we make at least 20% of our programming accessible at free or reduced cost. Everyone should get to make and play. 


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