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Maker inspired enrichment programs for kids K-8

Now Booking for 2019-2020!

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After five fun-filled years of making with kids in our workshop, we're taking the show on the road! We now offer after-school enrichment programs for kids grades k-8 at your school or library. Our talented staff of maker teachers will bring the shop magic straight to your spot.

Developed by professional arts educators, our enrichment programs are based on The Shop Model. In a nutshell, The Shop Model is inspired by the working practices of craftspeople and artists. We know that big thinking and innovation happen in supportive and collaborative environments. We believe in big ideas, handcraft tradition, trial and error and above all, having fun while we learn and explore with each other. 

During our inaugural year (2018-2019) we served approx. 200 students in 9 schools. We are committed to equity and accessible engagement for all. Through a generous grant partnership program, we are able to provide scholarship and program funding to schools and organizations with a functioning 501c3 status. Individual scholarships and sliding scale tuition is also available for all of our program sites. 

We are proud to be approved Community Partners with DPS as well as BID1846 approved Supplemental Enrichment Providers.

Here's how it works:

Chat with our Program Director, Anna Loring about your enrichment goals. We will work with your site coordinator start to finish to tailor the perfect programming themes and options for your students. 

Contact: or 720.515.8611 

The details:

+ Session length: 6-16 weeks
+ Each session meets once/week for 1-2 hours
+ Schedule during or after school
+ Choose 1-5 sessions per/week
+ All tools and materials provided 
+ All of our teachers are veteran arts instructors with hours of C&a professional development and support. They are background checked, First Aid and CPR certified with mandatory reporter training. Also, they LOVE kids and it shows. 
+ 8 student registration minimum
+ 15 student max
+ We can take care of registration, parent communication, and billing with ease
+ Cost: $19/first hour and $15/additional hour or $2.50 per additional ten minutes past 60 minutes
+ Got an idea not listed on here? Let's collaborate. We love new ideas and we understand grade-level content and standards making C&a the perfect fit to tailor a creative maker enrichment program to extend classroom learning. 

Grades k-5

Toy Shop

Forget the big box toy store. Put down the Legos. In this enrichment, makers will explore a variety of building techniques to design and create the most awesome playthings. We will use tools, wood, and wheels to create rolling toys, stitch together dolls and stuffed animals, we’ll even use recycled materials to invent games and activities that will keep your child engaged long after the enrichment is over. In the final weeks of the enrichment, we will collaborate to create a child run pop-up market for those who would like to sell their creations. Kids will learn about design, craftsmanship, safety, business, marketing, and more, all while having a blast.

Tiny Town

Let’s make tiny things.  We love all things itty-bitty and in this enrichment, we’ll spend our afternoons exploring the world of miniatures. We’ll use upcycled junk, natural materials, wood, cardboard, oven bake clay and more to create tiny homes, dioramas, people and animals, automobiles and more. Mini makers will learn about scale, proportion and a variety of craft techniques to make their tiny dreams a reality.

Be a Builder

We’ll work some cool tools, scrap wood, cardboard and more to explore how we design, build and invent. Makers will participate in design challenges to investigate building through the eyes of an artist, architect, interior design, and inventor. We’ll start with mini-challenges like creating a simple house structure or replicating an everyday object with cardboard. Ultimately, each participant will develop a design/build goal and work towards a big reveal! This is the perfect class for kids wanting to explore the intersection of art, engineering, science, and design.

Grocery Shop

Grocery stores are filled to the brim with exciting textures, products, and more! Makers will spend their time making the ultimate play sized grocery store. Each day we’ll explore a new department, tackle new materials, processes, and themes.

Think felt food, upcycled Tshirt grocery bags, Pop-Art cereal boxes, DIY Sushi and pizza, paper flowers for the floral department and a healthy dose of cardboard creation for displays, products, and a checkout stand. Our enrichment will culminate in a pop-up grocery shop where the kids can buy and sell their delicious creations. Our mini-grocery shop will learn all about product design, craftsmanship, business, marketing, and more, all while having a blast.

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Interested in more information on how we can support your school? Check out our teacher consulting, space design work, and field trips at SchoolBox educational services.



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