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NEW for 2018-2019

Maker inspired school enrichment programs

After four fun filled years of making with kids in our workshop, we're taking the show on the road! We now offer 6-12 week after school enrichment programs for kids grades k-12 at your school. Our talented staff of maker teachers will bring the shop magic straight to your school.

Developed by veteran teachers, our enrichment programs are based on The Shop Model. In a nut shell, The Shop Model is based on the working practices of craftspeople and artists. We know that big thinking and innovation happen in supportive and collaborative environments. We believe in big ideas, handcraft tradition, trial and error and above all, having fun while we learn and explore with each other.

Contact our Outreach Coordinator  today for more information.

*Sliding scale available for schools and individual students. 

Fall Programming Menu

The nuts and bolts:

  • 12 week sessions
    • (Too long? Too short? We will work with you to create the perfect schedule.)
  • Classes meet 1 hour per week
  • Schedule during or after school
  • Cost: $225/maker (or $18.75/session)
  • Materials and instructor provided 
  • 8 student registration minimum
  • 25 student max
  • We can take care of registration and billing with ease
  • Got an idea not listed on here? Let's collaborate. We love new ideas and we understand grade level content and standards making C&a the perfect fit to tailor a creative maker enrichment program to enrich and extend classroom learning. 

Grades k-5

Puppet Party

We love puppets!  There are endless ways to design, construct, and perform with puppets. From marionettes to Muppets, puppets are a maker's dream. In this enrichment, participants will explore puppetry traditions from all over the world. We will learn about present day and historic ways in which people made and performed with puppets. But most of all, we'll spend our afternoons designing and constructing our very own puppets and puppet theatre. Puppets are a perfect way to experiment with simple machines by developing puppets with moving parts. Students will have access to tools and materials with which to create puppets from fabric, wood, and more.

We will follow the lead of the group to develop scripts and stages for our puppet show masterpieces. The last day will be dedicated to performances. There's something for everyone in this creative enrichment.

Toy Shop

Forget the big box toy store. Put down the Legos. In this after school enrichment, makers will explore a variety of building techniques to design and create the most awesome playthings. We will use tools, wood, and wheels to create rolling toys, stitch together dolls and stuffed animals, we’ll even use recycled materials to invent games and activities that will keep your child engaged long after the enrichment is over. On the last day of enrichment we will collaborate to create a child run pop-up market for those who would like to sell their creations. Kids will learn about design, craftsmanship, safety, business, marketing, and more, all while having a blast.


Let’s make tiny things.  We love all things itty-bitty and in this enrichment we’ll spend our afternoons exploring the world of miniatures. We’ll use cardboard, oven bake clay and other materials to create tiny homes, people and animals, automobiles and more! Use all our maker materials and tools to create a little world of your own.

Fiber Arts

Learn all about the versatility and history of fiber arts in this enrichment.  We'll spin yarn, weave, and create dyes using natural plant materials. Makers will also learn to embroider and hand stitching while they design and create their own snugglies and pillows. We'll look to interesting alternatives for weaving materials. If it's fabric, string, yarn, or goes "over-under-over-under" we'll learn about it and use it to make all sorts of things.

Builder Challenge

We’ll work with scrap wood and cardboard to explore how we design, build, and invent. We’ll start with mini-challenges like building a simple house structure, or replicating an everyday object with cardboard. Ultimately, each participant will develop a design/build goal and work towards a big reveal! This is the perfect class for kids wanting to explore the intersection of art, engineering, science, and design.

Teen & Tween (grades 6-12)


Plunge into the world of printmaking and paper by learning a variety of techniques to producing print and page. Students will gain valuable experiences while experimenting with a mashup of mediums (think: everything from paper pulp to stamp carving). Etch, roll, marble, press, print: participants will enjoy collaboratively discovering new materials, methods & modes to create a wide range of visual effects. Projects include: papermaking, relief prints, journal construction and more!


Dig deep into anything and everything homemade: from soap making to yarn wall hangings to natural dyes. Each week students will get their hands messy with a different project. Through demos and studio time, students will create multiple projects and have the opportunity to engage with a wide range of materials: yarn, wood, soy wax, embroidery thread, and more!


During these weekly workshops, we'll explore how to get crafty for a cause. Through button making, zine making, patch-making, seed-bombing, printmaking and other DIY techniques, participants will explore their personal identifies, community, and issues that matter most via art & creative processes.

  • Gotta message? Let's print it.
  • Into slow fashion? Let's mend it.
  • Wanna share your story? Let's cut, paste, ink and stamp it.
  • Meet awesome people. Make art. Share your ideas. Be heard.


Looking for some basic skills that can be integrated into your everyday life? Get your fabric fix & dive into a world of stitches, patches & threads! Enter the sustainable realm of Slow Fashion by exploring how to reduce textile consumption and waste by repairing your own clothes. Students will develop their hand sewing skills while learning different mending techniques. This is a great opportunity for students to develop a more conscious and meaningful relationship with fashion and their wardrobe.


Ready to build it big? Plan, design, and execute a woodworking project of your choosing. Start by learning the basics of hand tools and general woodworking skills. Students will experiment with a sequence of small projects (think: boats, bird feeders, planter boxes) while gaining the skills to create more complicated structures.  


Are there nooks & crannies of your school that could use a pop of color?Join this club and make it happen. Working collaboratively, students will connect more closely with their school community to create more vibrant and meaningful learning spaces.


Want more C&a?

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