The Craftsman & Apprentice



After School Enrichment 2018-2019

We now offer 6-12 week after school enrichment programs for kids grades k-12 at your school. Our talented staff of maker teachers will bring the shop magic straight to your school.

Fall Programming Menu:

Puppet Party


We love puppets!  There are endless ways to design, construct, and perform with puppets. From marionettes to Muppets, puppets are a maker's dream. In this enrichment, participants will explore puppetry traditions from all over the world. We will learn about present day and historic ways in which people made and performed with puppets. But most of all, we'll spend our afternoons designing and constructing our very own puppets and puppet theatre. Puppets are a perfect way to experiment with simple machines by developing puppets with moving parts. Students will have access to tools and materials with which to create puppets from fabric, wood, and more.

We will follow the lead of the group to develop scripts and stages for our puppet show masterpieces. The last day will be dedicated to performances. There's something for everyone in this creative enrichment.



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