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Welcome to School Box Educational Services presented by The Craftsman & Apprentice.

Using The Shop Model, we build big thinkers and doers.

We know that creative learning happens best when we work with our hands and each other. 

What we Believe

Working in a failure rich, creative space allows for innovation while learning in application solidifies abstract and scientific concepts. Also, making things is super fun and kids learn best when they’re having fun. We’ve been doing creative work with kids for a combined 30+ years and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Let us bring our enthusiasm for the messiness of childhood creativity to your school. 

Using The Shop Model, we create educational experiences based on our observations around the positive working behaviors we've seen in our studio and workshop practices. Ask any trades person or artist and they will tell you that there are unwritten rules to shop culture, here’s how we’ve experienced it:

    Why Work with Us

    • We are a team of experienced arts and integration experts, artists and makers dedicated to supporting kids, educators, and schools to do their best work. 
    • We love kids! They are naturally curious, inventive, social, and eager to learn and when they're not, we have positive ways of getting them pumped up for making and doing. 
    • We also know that as teachers, there isn't always enough time or resources to do the kind of big idea work we all aspire to. We are here to help.

      Who we Are

      Anna Loring

      Lead Educator + Consultant 


      Anna Loring is a passionate arts educator who brings over 15 years of experience to The C&a Schoolbox. For over 11 years Anna worked as a visual arts teacher and arts integration specialist in multiple EL Education schools (formerly Expeditionary Learning) where she supported students to create beautiful and authentic projects specifically developed to align with core content. Her work with students is featured in various national education publications including EL books and at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

      Delanie Holton-Fessler

      Owner + Program Director

      Delanie opened The Craftsman & Apprentice in 2014 after a ten year career teaching art and working as a content integration specialist in highly impacted schools throughout Denver. She has a Masters Degree in Cultural and Linguistic Diversity from Regis University and received her BFA and k-12 endorsement from Metro State University.  and holds both K-12 Art and ELA endorsements.  

      Delanie developed The Shop Model after working in the studio and workshop as a teacher with children and with adults as an artists and craftsperson. She believes deeply that humans are meant to create and innovate in collaborative and failure rich spaces. 

      Utilize Our Network

      We also have great relationships with master craftspeople from all walks. From beekeepers, to designers, to slow food experts, we work with community stakeholders to develop programming and events that connect kids to our most valuable local resource; people who know their stuff. 

      The How, When + Where

      The Shop Model is all about collaboration, right place, and the right amount of time to dive deep. From mini-lessons to whole school make overs, we're here to bring out the inner maker in all of us. We will work with you and your school group to develop project based learning experiences that are age appropriate, aligned with your standards and curriculum, and above all else, provide kids with an engaging and challenging hands on experience. Bring your group to the shop for a filed trip or have us come to you. We are able to accommodate up to 28 students for 1 hour to multi-day experiences in The Shop at The Craftsman & Apprentice.
      We can even work with your entire staff to bring the principles of The Shop Model to your school through staff trainings and professional development experiences. 
      Dive deeper: Click the headings below to learn more about what we do. 

      Educator Support + Professional Development

      We're here to support your big ideas and goals. We work with teachers and schools to develop working practices that enable hands-on integrated work to happen safely and effectively.

      For Kids: Field Trips, Enrichment + More

      Kids have big ideas and goals, too! Bring your class to The Shop for a field trip, collaborate with our team to develop enrichment programming at your school or bring us in to facilitate and support your next maker experience. 

      Beautiful + Functional Work Spaces

      Go Big! Learning happens best in beautiful and functional space. We designed and built our shop from scratch, we've designed collaborative spaces for Downtown Denver Expeditionary School, Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy, as well as for private clients. Down to custom worktable designed and built for kids, we know how people work and all of our spaces are designed to maximize creative work potential. 


        We believe that all kids deserve access to high quality educational experiences. We are able to provide our services on a sliding scale based on the free and reduced lunch count and private fundraising capacities of the school requesting services. Get in touch. We'll make it happen. 

        Ready to get started? Reach out to schedule a free consultation.  


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