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We had so much fun this summer and are busy planning camps for Summer 2020 at The Craftsman & Apprentice. Can't wait to share our camp schedule and build, create, and play next summer. We hope you'll join us again!

More about our camps 

Camp days might be our favorite time at C&a. Time is at the core of working philosophy; time for kids to dive headfirst into their work or to take a slow stroll towards their goals. However kids approach their work, we're here to help facilitate a space for exploration, creation, and fun.
Our summer camps allow kids to dedicate time and attention to their projects. They get into that sweet workflow and parents are often surprised by their kiddo's dedication to their work. 
Each camp theme encompasses our passion for all things related to human creativity and innovation. If there are two things that make us humans, it's our ability to invent and use tools. Our ancestral skills camps teach kids to slow down and notice the world around them, to examine nature the way that our ancestors did. We learn about survival and primitive technologies that helped to propel humanity forward. In our most popular camp, Toy Shop, campers learn real skills like woodworking and sewing while they invent and create their own toys. 

Our camps are small, no more than 22 kids in The Workshop and no more than 12 kids in the field for Ancestral Skills Camp. Our instructors are highly-trained professional arts educators, and all of our programs are designed to encourage creative build/play and self-sufficiency. Also, we know that learning happens when kids have great relationships with their teachers. With a small group setting, we get to know your kiddos with all of their strengths and challenges. We love to see them grow and change year after year. 

Here at the shop, we have just three simple rules: Be Kind, Be Safe and Have Fun. We've developed a workshop philosophy known as, The Shop Model. This philosophy is the foundation for all that we do here at C&a. 

Commitment to Equitable Access

The Craftsman & Apprentice is dedicated to being an inclusive environment. We love and respect all children regardless of ability, socioeconomic status, religion, gender identity, race, ethnicity, immigration status or language and are committed to creating and fostering a learning environment that is accessible, diverse and respectful. Scholarships and adaptive instruction available. Please reach out with any questions or requests. 

"Education is radically about love"- Paulo Freire

Camps that take place in our workshop are base on a one-room school house workshop model. Kids ages 5-11 are working together on shared goals. Each camp day is based on a theme, skill or material. Our teachers are able to differentiate and modify project goals depending on your child's age, interests and abilities. Older kids naturally take on leadership roles to help and teach younger campers. This type of teaching and modeling is proven to help solidify skills and build confidence. Older campers can gain access to new tools and materials as they demonstrate safety and proficiency. Camps in the Workshop are all about using cool tools and materials, making messes and exploring our creative, builder, inventor selves. 

Bring the C&a experience to your location

We love to collaborate and we'll make it easy to provide hands-on maker experiences for your community. From whole day camps to one-hour workshops, let's make it happen. Contact us.

2019 Partnerships:

  • Graland Country Day
    • 2 weeks of 1/2 day Toy Shop summer camps in their Gates Makerspace
    • Denver Public Libraries
      • Summer of Fun programs at locations citywide
          • Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties, a week-long camp collaboration with overnight shelter build out near St. Mary's Glacier (ages 11-14)

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