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Designed for good old fashioned creative play. 

Ivory soap is the preferred soap for carving.

Washes easily with water.


We believe that it feels good to learn how to use tools. I once asked my grandpa how old we was when he got his first pocket knife. He told me that he must've been about four years old. Most folks these days might not be ready to hand over a real blade to a child of four. When we teach knife safety to kids in the shop, we always start with a wooden knife and a bar of soap. Children get the feel of controlling the knife without the danger. These knifes are not weapons, they are tools. Safe knife skills are useful when helping around the house or in wilderness situations. Our shop kids often feel a sense of ownership and independence when they are trusted to use a knife safely.  We took their lead and have refined the knife design for our kits to fit perfectly in any hand, large or small. 

We also simply like having a good time as much as we like to make stuff. Carving soap is a fun and accessible craft for adults and kids. It's a little messy, but clean up is a breeze. This open ended craft allows for the user to be creative, problem solve, try, fail, succeed, and to have fun. A Soap Carving Kit is a perfect gift for maker of all ages. 

Our Soap Carving Kits are made by hand in our workshop in Denver, CO. Included in our kit is one 6" wooden knife made from reclaimed Colorado blue pine beetle kill and sharpened just enough to cut soap but not little fingers. Each knife is finished sanded and waxed by hand. We make our wax in house using only beeswax and oil. Our kits also include one bar of real Ivory soap, a 3"x3" info graphic how-to card, and an additional wooden tool for adding detail. All these goodies come in our screened 5"x7" canvas draw string bag. 



  • Shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. Local delivery is free within 5 miles of our shop. 
  • Kits: $12/each wholesale
  • $120 minimum opening order (10 kits)
  • Suggested retail: $22-24
  • 5-pack carving soap refill packages $6/each
  • Suggested retail: $10-12 
  • We accept credit card and check.
  • Order fulfillment within 8-10 business days. Rush order available.

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