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Traditional Flat Brooms with Justin Burton. Saturday, April 13th 2-5pm.

$ 105.00
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In this 3 hour workshop, Bethany College's Swedish Crafts instructor Justin Burton will school us in the timeworn arts of broom making. Not your average lowly pantry utensils, these brooms are not only meant to be practical but also works of folk art that will have a proud place on your wall or in your entryway. 

Traditional Flat Broom
Before the Shakers of New England came along most brooms were round. With their invention cleaning got a whole lot quicker! 
Participants will create a full-size flat broom. Participants will wind the broom with stick and string using natural broomcorn. 
You are welcome to bring your own special stick to make a broom on! 
Cost: $105
Make a day of it and take Whisk Brooms in the morning, 10-1pm

• Notes: Participants must have full dexterity in their hands and feet. Please wear closed toe shoes and pants – no sandals, skirts or dresses

• Difficulty: Beginner

Justin Dean Burton grew up south-central Kentucky, where his family has lived for hundreds of years. He attended Berea College where he discovered the art of broom making. He fell in love with this lowly art and has made it his goal to elevate it to an art appreciated by the masses. Since then he has designed multiple brooms for production and begun to find ways to make broom making more sustainable. Justin has brooms displayed at museums, historical sites, and events throughout the world. Most importantly to him, he has brooms in lovely homes. He has demonstrated for numerous events, like the Kentucky State Capital for the Kentucky Arts Council Art Days. He is currently teaching students at Bethany College under their new Swedish Crafts program.

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