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Intro to Wood Engraving w/ Beth Hoyes. Wednesday, April 4th. 6-9pm.

$ 95.00
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A practical introduction to the narrative nature and process of wood engraving. This art process was originally used for striking illustrations in newsprint and books, so it naturally has a link to story telling. Learn to use the engraving tools that have been creating prints since the 18th century! Wood engraving involves using these metal tools, all with their unique names, to create intricate prints through cutting images into small specialized wooden blocks. Wood engraving differs from wood block carving in using engraving tools and the end grain of the wood to work with a harder texture, creating small finely detailed images. Each member of the class will learn about the history and processes of wood engraving and printing, create their own designs to engrave into their wood block and make a print to take home. No prior experience in print making is needed.

Being English, Beth loves a cup of tea, so will provide tea and nibbles. All materials (and tea) provided.

Instructor: Beth Hoyes


$95/per person

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