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Make and celebrate with us.

We offer a variety of fun and creative maker parties for kids of all ages. Our workshop parties are super fun and no stress. Think birthdays, class socials, Parents' Night Out, or a new twist on a playdate. Scroll down for our party themes. 
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*New easy pricing! Updated 5/30. Applies to all future bookings.

  • MINI PARTY: $225 1.5 hour mini party up to ten + $10/additional maker up to 12
  • 2 HOUR PARTY: $275 up to ten makers + $12.50/additional makers up to 20
  • Additional time may be purchased at $75/hour or $50/half hour (schedule permitting)
  • Some themes/projects have additional materials fees, age, or participant limitations. See below for more details.


  • We offer 1.5 hour and 2 hour-long workshop parties with all the bells and whistles. 
  • Make time for a two-hour party is approx. 1.5 hours with 30 minutes for celebrating. 
  • Please note age and max participant suggestions for each theme. 
  • Caregivers of attendees are welcome to drop-off kids older than 5.
  • Each party is staffed with experienced teachers that will bring the making know-how and the party flow management so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. 
  • We provide paper goods, reusable plates, forks, and cups. We care about the earth and you.  
  • You provide whatever drinks and yummy goodies you like. 
  • We’ll also prepare a custom email and printable invitation with all the info your partygoers need to make it a great event.
  • Does you or your child have a unique project in mind? No problem. For an additional set up fee of $50, we will work with you to prep and develop their ideas as best we can.
  • Confirm your approximate guest count up to 48 hours before the event. 
  • Arrive 15-20 minutes before your event start time to set up and settle in.  
  • You'll have 15 minutes after your two hour time slot to get organized and head out. Easy peasy. 
  • New! Prepayment is required for parties. Pay for additional guests above your base rate the day of your party. 


Mini-Parties. 1.5 hours. Perfect for young makers. 

Ages 2-5 
Limited to 12 makers

  • Playdate Mini-Party: We’ll set up fun maker stations like our cardboard house, clay, paint, and tinker for your littles to make, play and explore.
  • Color Party: Color mixing and exploration stations. Think a rainbow of messiness!
  • Paper Pulp Collage: Kids love to make paper, it’s colorful and squishy. Each little maker will help to tear, blend and mix the pulp while we create unique pressed paper pulp collages.
  • Junk Robots/Animals: Our most popular party! Use wood scrap and up-cycled junk to make a robot buddy. Ages 4+

2-Hour Parties. Perfect for kids ages 4+

  • Cardboard Creators: Choose castles, crowns, or free build. Ages 4+
  • Junk Robots/Animals: Our most popular party! Use wood scrap and up-cycled junk to make a robot buddy. Ages 4+
  • Rolling Toys: Design and build your own rolling toy with scrap wood, junk and wooden wheels. Ages 4+
  • Tinker: We’ll pull out all of our favorite building materials like scrap wood, cardboard, and cool junk for your makers to build and create to their heart’s content. Limit 12 participants. Ages 2+
  • Wands and Masks: We’ve perfected a DIY wand design that is sure to impress any magician or fairy princess. Couple it with a matching felt mask creation and you’re in make-believe heaven. Ages 7+
  • Simple Machines Challenge: Learn all about simple machines while we use hand tools, wood, cardboard and other cool junk to invent creations with moving parts. Ages 5+
  • Mini-Weaving: Learn all about weaving on a simple loom to create a unique wall hanging. Ages 7+
  • Sugar Scrubs, Bath Salts and Soaps: We’ll learn all about how to mix, make, and scent our own all natural bath and body products. Ages 8+. Limit 15 participants.
  • Polymer Clay Bowls/Beads: Using polymer clay, crafters will roll, stamp and embellish their own set of two small clay bowls or create a variety of beads. Ages 8+. Limit 12 participants.
  • Paper Flowers: We’ll use crepe paper, tissue and more to create large scale paper flowers. Ages 8+
  • Sling Shots + Felt Ammo (additional $2/project fee): Watch out! Makers will design and decorate their own wooden slingshots. We’ll also learn all about how to wet felt our own soft ammo. Teachers will cut each slingshot on the bandsaw. Ages 7+. Limit 15 participants. 
  • Monster Stuffies: This is one of our most popular projects. Crafters will design, cut and stitch their own felt monster stuffy. This one is easily customizable...Think animals, mermaids, etc. Ages 6+
  • Pom-Poms + Tassels: Kids are pom pom making machines! We’ll teach our time tested pom-pom and tassel strategies. Each maker will leave with a variety of pompoms and tassels that can be made into wall hangings, backpack accessories, jewelry and more! Ages 5+
  • Miniatures: Who doesn’t love tiny things?! Each maker will create their own mini world using a cardboard back-drop and all our craft goodies. Ages 4+
  • Birdhouses: Using durable cedar wood, each maker will sand, hammer, and decorate their own birdhouse. (additional $2/project fee) Ages 5+
  • Print Making: We’ll learn all about soft cut linoleum block printing. Each maker will carve their own stamp and create a journal, cards and more. Ages 9+
  • Embroidery: Learn the basics of embroidery while makers hand stitch a saying or design. Ages 8+
  • Felt + Fabric Banners: Choose a word that makes your heart happy. Cut, glue and assemble for a fun wall hanging. Ages 6+
  • String + Nail Art: Design, hammer, and string your way to a sweet wall hanging. Ages 5+
  • Design Your Own Party: Got a great idea? Let's plan together. Additional setup/materials fees may apply. 

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