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Leather-Wrapped Flasks + Leopold Bros Whiskey Tasting with Alexa Allen. Saturday, April 14th. 7-9pm.

$ 120.00
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In this 2 hour workshop, Alexa Allen of Alexa Allen Designs will teach you how to make a customized leather-wrapped stainless steel flask. You'll start with a pre-cut piece of 3oz vegetable tanned leather which you will be able to personalize by: stitching, punching(holes), drawing, dying or stamping your unique design. You will stitch the leather onto a 6oz stainless steel flask.

This course will teach traditional leather working techniques including saddle stitching and refined edge finishing. At the end of the workshop, you'll walk away with a custom made, leather wrapped flask. And because no flask is complete with out a beverage to go in it, Leopold Bros will be serving up tasty samples for inspiration. All tools and materials will be provided. All levels welcome. This class could make for a really great date night…just sayin'.

Skills you will learn:

How to cut leather

How to edge finish leather

How to dye leather

How to make a hand stitched detail

How to punch holes in leather

How to stamp leather

How to saddle stitch

What you’ll get out of this class:

The most amazing customized leather flask, a detailed supply list in case you need to make more, the ability to to brag to your friends about your new leather skills, a sense of accomplishment, and a high five upon completion.

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