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Coffee + Craft @ The Dairy Block: Hand-Stitched Leather Amulets w/ Winter Session. Sunday, May 13th. 10-11:30am.

$ 50.00
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Celebrate your mom or the moms in your life by creating something lovely and meaningful together! Join us for a little coffee + stitching at the shiny new Dairy Block. Tanya Fleisher, co-owner of Winter Session, will take you step by step through the process of creating your own hand-stitched leather amulet.

Historically, people in many different cultures have carried herbs, coins, stones, and other small talismans for protection from negative energy, danger, or illness. Using a traditional saddle stitching technique, in this class you'll learn to stitch your own leather amulet to hold a favorite treasure, stone, or anything else you'd like to keep close to you. Choose from two different patterns: an amulet necklace you can wear around your neck or a pocket amulet you can use as a coin purse or carry in a pocket.

All materials, including leather, waxed linen thread, hardware will be provided. 

>> also provided: small stones to tuck away in your new necklace <<


Coffee from Huckleberry gratis. 

Taught by Tanya Fleisher, co-owner of Winter Session. 


$50/per person


>> Mom-free attendees welcome! <<

<< Adults only, please: 16+ >>

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